Promo Video

Check out this video my buddy Alex Person made!

Mothership LP – A New Side Project (Free Album)

Man it has been a while since I have updated the site! I have been super busy working on an album collaboration with my Twin Brother for a new side project called Moonhead.

Download the Album Here

Lazerfiend EP

I am proud to announce my first official EP entitled “Lazerfiend”.

Stream it here: Stereotonin Soundcloud

Buy it here: Stereotonin – Lazerfiend

New Site + Free Download!!

This is going to be the new hub for all things Stereotonin related. In honor of launching the new site I have also uploaded some unreleased tracks to download for FREE!


These tracks were made in May 2010, they were some of the very first tracks I made when I finally made the decision to pursue music as a solo artist in stead of just being a producer or “beat maker”. The picture in the album artwork was taken by Alex L. Person.

My debut EP “Lazerfiend” is going to be released in the next month or two, I will announce the release date as soon as it gets locked down!

Tour Dates

No shows booked at the moment.